Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many domain names can I have in one account?
A) There is no limit.

Q) How many POP3/IMAP accounts can I have in one account?
A) There is no limit.

Q) How many FTP accounts can I have in one account?
A) You are allowed one FTP account per website.

Q) Do you offer Cold Fusion hosting?
A) We do not offer Cold Fusion enabled hosting.

Q) What is your connection to the Internet?
A) We are connected to a multipeer OC3 backbone. Our aggregate datacenter capacity is nearly 10Gb/sec.

Q) Does Shanje run Windows or Unix?
A) Shanje includes four web hosting platforms, including Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, and Linux. You can choose the best platform for each site in your account. We recommend using Linux for PHP based sites and Windows 2012 for ASP.NET based sites. Static HTML based sites can use either platform.

Q) Do you support international domains?
A) We are able to host most international domains.

Q) Is there a way to see my website at Shanje before the DNS info for my domain is resolved?
A) Yes. Please see the FAQ in the Web Control Panel titled "Connecting to your website before DNS is ready."

Q) What about ASP sendmail stuff?
A) CDO (CDOSYS) are supported. CDONTS is not supported, because Microsoft replaced CDONTS with CDO in Windows 2003.

Q) What is the path to sendmail that can be used in a perl script?
A) There is no path to SendMail. We do not allow scripts (such as that rely on SendMail. On our Windows based platforms, all form to email actions must conect using SMTP instead of forking calls to sendmail. On our Linux platform, pages (Perl and PHP) can use sendmail. If you need sendmail for your scripts, use our Linux platform to host the site.

Q) What is the minimum contract length?
A) There is no minimum contract length. You can quit at any time using the Close Shanje Account function in the Web Control Panel.

Q) Is this for real? How can you guys offer multiple domain hosting for a flat rate?
A) We have a highly automated system, which reduces administrative overhead. Without our web control panel, it would be impractical to offer multiple domain hosting for a flat rate.

Q) Will you guys do custom dns work for me? (ex: route various names within my domains to other servers)
A) No, we do not do any custom dns work. You can manually edit your DNS zones through Plesk and/or cPanel.

Q) Will you guys edit my dns zone so I can use a different MX?
A) There are options in Plesk (Windows) and cPanel (Linux) to let you set up custom MX records.

Q) Do you offer MS-SQL support?
A) Yes, on our Windows 2003 platform we offer MS-SQL2000 and MS-SQL2005 database hosting. Our newer Windows platforms have newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server. For the latest SQL Server version, you need to use our Windows 2012 platform.

Q) Is there any way that I can connect to my SQL Server database via Enterprise Manager?
A) Yes, Simply connect to the Shanje SQL server that is listed in your account in the Web Control Panel

Q) Which version of SQL Enterprise Manager can I use to connect to MSSQL2000?
A) You can connect to the Shanje SQL Server using SQL Enterprise Manager from SQL2000. You must install SQL2000 Service Pack 2. There are several performance problems in SQL2000 Enterprise Manager that are corrected in Service Pack 2. For newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server, you will need to use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. NOTE: SQL2000 was end of lifed by Microsoft on April 9, 2013. We recommend migrating SQL2000 databases to the latest version of MSSQL and then using SQL Server Management Studio to manage your databases.

Q) How many MS-SQL Databases am I allowed to have?
A) You can have unlimited MS-SQL databases.

Q) Do you offer MySQL support?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you offer telephone technical support?
A) No. Web-based technical support is much more effective. We answer all tickets very quickly.

Q) How many domains does Shanje host?
A) We current host over 33,000.

Q) Can we see some of the sites you host?
A) Most of our clients are virtual web hosting companies. We respect our clients, which means we do not use them to sell accounts to new customers.

Q) Do you host domains?
A) Yes, we host hundreds of domains. We do not have an IPSTAG, so you will need to transfer your to NOMINET. Then list our dns servers when you modify the domain directly through NOMINET.

Q) Do you suport Java Servlets?
A) No.

Q) Do you support JSP (java server pages)?
A) No.

Q) Can I send bulk, yet target email using your servers?
A) No. We consider bulk email of any kind to be spam. We do not tolerate spam.

Q) Can I order unlimited storage space?
A) No, but we offer multiple disk space brackets. Check our pricing page for details.

Q) Can I try out an account for a while before I decide to buy?
A) You can access the Demo account.

Q) Are the IP's dynamic or static
A) All of our IP Addresses are static addresses. No serious hosting company would ever use dynamic IP addresses.

Q) How many IP addresses do I get?
A) We do not give you your own IP. The IP address of the system that your sites are hosted on is shared between all customers on that system. The IP is static, so it does not change. But you cannot view your site simply by entering the IP address into your browser because the IP is shared with other sites we host. There is a detailed article in the FAQ section of the Web Control Panel that explains how to view your website before the DNS is live for the site.

Q) Do I get telnet or SSH access?
A) Not on our Windows servers, but we do include SSH access on our Linux servers.

Q) Can my POP3/IMAP accounts be
A) Yes. In fact, you can have as many POP3/IMAP accounts as your need within your domain name and within all of the domains you host.

Q) Can I forward all of the email from my domain to one email account?
A) Yes. You can create an account called postmaster. That is the account that email will go to if the email is sent to an account name within the domain that does not exist.

Q) What is the path to perl?
A) You do not need to know the path to perl, since .pl and .cgi are associated with perl on our Windows servers. If the page ends in .pl or .cgi, then it will execute as a perl page.

Q) What dns servers should I use when I transfer my domain?
A) The DNS servers to use will be listed in the Web Control Panel on the right hand side.

Q) Do I get the ability to set a subdirectory as password protected, and then maintain the list of user id's and passwords?
A) Yes, through the support provided by HTpassword and .htaccess files.

Q) Can I set this up so and both map to the same place?
A) By default and always map to the same place.

Q) Can I set it up so that would map to a different subdirectory within the website?
A) No. Each sub-domain at Shanje is considered its own website, and runs in its own directory and process. So will map to its own directory, but it won't be a subdirectory inside the website.

Q) How long have you been in business doing this?
A) We have been in business since June 1, 1997. We renamed our company to Shanje in August of 1999.

Q) How do I create a custom 404 page on Windows 2003 platform?
A) Upload a file called 404.asp

Q) Do your servers have the runtimes for Visual Basic installed?
A) All of our servers have the VB5/VB6 runtimes installed. Additionally, we have installed most of the ActiveX components that ship with VB5.

Q) Is there any additional fee for using ASP or ASP.NET?
A) There is no additional fee for using ASP and ASP.NET. These features are included for free.

Q) I love Shanje, you are simply the best :)
A) Thanks :)

Q) What is the default page for my website?
A) The default page is set to a list of various popular default pages. The first one the web servers find will be shown. The page search order is default.aspx, default.asp, default.htm, default.html, index.aspx, index.asp, index.htm, index.html, index.shtml, default.shtml, default.php, and index.php.

Q) How long does it take for sites to become live after I set them up through the web control panel?
A) It takes our automation system about one minute to create a new website. If the dns is already set up properly for the new site, it will be live immediately. If the dns still needs to be transferred, it may take considerably longer.

Q) Do you support VBScript 5 on your servers?
A) We are using the latest version of the MS scripting engine.

Q) Is FileSystemObject (FSO) supported?
A) Yes, FSO is supported at Shanje.

Q) Is the Dictionary Object supported?
A) Yes, the Dictionary Object is supported at Shanje.

Q) How can my clients change their email account passwords?
A) They can change email account passwords using the Email Options Menu or the Website Control Center.

Q) Do you guarantee a certain level of uptime?
A) No, we do not guarantee any specific quality of service. However, we have implemented a solution to provide uptime. Our web service uptime is currently 99.96%.

Q) Do you offer Linux hosting?
A) Yes, we include multiple platform hosting options and one of them is Linux.

Q) Do you offer PHP hosting?
A) All of our plans include PHP enabled hosting. Our Linux platform has the best overall PHP support.

Q) I want to set up my Shanje account using a brand-new domain name... who should I register with first, Shanje or Internic?
A) It does not matter. However, it is generally a good idea to register the domain at Internic as quickly as you can if you find a domain name that you would like to use that is currently available. That way you know you will own the domain name and will be able to use it.

Q) How long does it typically take for a site to 'go live' after I register the domain with Internic and set up the domain at Shanje?
A) When you set up a domain at Shanje, it is set up immediately on our servers. Internic generally takes 24-48 hours to get new domains ready. Sometimes Internic will take longer than that, but most of the time Internic gets new domain ready in 24-48 hours.

Q) How do I let my customers manage the email accounts within their email domains?
A) Customers can manage their email accounts through the Customer Control Panel or Website Control Center.

Q) How can I redirect one web page to another web page?
A) Within your html code, you can use a meta refresh tag. That will cause the browser to automatically redirect to the other page.

Q) Do you provide usage stats?
A) You can access stats through the Web Control Panel, or download the raw logfiles from your account.

Q) Will you install additional components for me?
A) No.

Q) How can we contact you in event of a problem?
A) You can open a ticket in our Tech Support ticketing system. All tickets are resolved in less than 24 hours, most within a few hours.
If you need to contact us via snail mail, you can mail us at this address:
Shanje, Inc.
312 8th St. Suite 701
Des Moines, IA 50309

Q) Can I have a free account for my business/school project/city page/charitable organization?
A) We do not give out promotional accounts.

Q) Do you support Sharepoint Services?
A) No.

Q) Do you have an email Server Queue that I can directly write to from my applications?
A) We do not let anybody have direct access to the email server que, but you can connect to the email server using components such as CDO (CDOSYS) in order to send email.

Q) Do we get access to Windows Scheduler Services?
A) No, we do not let clients schedule tasks on the server side.

Q) Can we install com objects?
A) No, we do not give any clients access to install 3rd party components on our servers.

Q) How do you setup a .NET virtual directory?
A) You can configure virtual directories through Plesk.

Q) Do you have a secure folder or private folder to put things like ms access database and etc?
A) Yes, you can use .htaccess to protect your folder. We have IISPassword installed on every Shanje web server.

Q) Is there a stats server?
A) Yes, there are stats available through the web control panel.

Q) I don't understand how the ftp works through the demo. Exactly how many ftp users per customer can I set?
A) One per website

Q) How much does it cost to request an additonal database?
A) There is no cost per database. You can set up as many as you need.

Q) What level of security do you offer for email accounts? is it just basic or can you offer any higher level for sensetive mail?
A) All email services we provide use basic security. We do not offer any special email encryption options.

Q) If I was to use MS SQL or MySQL could I connect directly to those databases to do a mailmerge from MS Word (my current host does not permit this)?
A) Yes. You can connect to your SQL Database at Shanje from your favorite desktop application.

Q) If I was to store the back end of a MS Access database online could it be accessed using forms stored on local computers?
A) The best way of doing that would be to set up some web based forms at Shanje and have the clients connect through their web browsers. We do not offer options for connecting directly to a fileshare at Shanje to provide Access forms remote access to the Access file.

Q) Am i right in thinking that I could have any number of websites for $50 per month providing I stick within the storage limits.
A) Yes, that is correct.

Q) Do you offer any support for streaming video?
A) You can stream media files over http through your website. We do not offer a seperate streaming server application. Live streaming is not supported. For the absolute best results, you should store your videos at YouTube and simply embed the video in your HTML instead of hosting video files directly on our web servers.

Q) Do you allow the upload functions available through through the $_file function in PHP which will allow me to set up a user-friendly way for people to upload documents onto different websites?
A) Yes, you can set up form upload solutions in your website using PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, or Perl.

Q) I would like to know if it is possible to rent one of your servers and use it to host a game, such as Unreal Tournament or CounterStrike.
A) We do not offer any video game hosting services at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact