How You Can Make Money Reselling

Our web hosting reseller solutions are designed to help you make a profit. You can pay us a flat rate for your entire reseller account (with unlimited websites) and then turn around and charge your customers what ever price you want per website. You can build your own hosting brand and provide web hosting services to your own customers, while we quietly handle all of the technical stuff behind the scenes. Your customers will not know about Shanje. They will think of you as their web hosting company.

For example, you could pay $50 per month for your Shanje web hosting reseller account. Then you could sell web hosting services to 100 customers (or many more) of your own at a rate of your choosing. If you were selling services for $10 per website per month, you would collect $1000 per month from those 100 customers. You would only need to pay Shanje the $50 per month flat rate, which would leave you with a gross monthly profit of $950.

The rates you ultimately choose will be completely up to you. Depending on the market you are trying to target, you can easily charge your customers anywhere from $5 per month to $25 per month for web hosting services. We do not set your prices for you. You can charge your customers as little or as much as you want. We make sure your web hosting services are reliable so you can focus on selling web hosting, and growing your business while making a profit.