Email POP3

You can enable email hosting for each domain you host at Shanje. Each email account you create can be accessed through POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and Webmail.

The POP3 protocol supports simple download-and-delete functions used by standard POP3 clients. Although most POP clients have an option to leave mail on server after download, e-mail clients using POP generally connect, retrieve all messages, store them on the user's PC as new messages, delete them from the server, and then disconnect. IMAP provides more complete and complex remote access to typical mailbox operations. Many e-mail clients support POP3 as well as IMAP to retrieve messages. We encourage our users to use IMAP, but many users still use POP3 because that is what they are used to using.

Our email servers listen for POP3 connection on well-known port 110. When using POP3 to access a mailbox, only one POP3 client is allowed to access the mailbox at a time. If you want to allow multiple email clients to use the same mailbox, make sure you use IMAP Instead of POP3.