Email IMAP

You can enable email hosting for each domain you host at Shanje. Each email account you create can be accessed through POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and Webmail.

We encourage our users to use IMAP, because it offers the most complete way to access messages and folders stored in your mailbox. Additionally, the Webmail solutions at Shanje are IMAP compliant, so the Webmail clients have access to exactly the same folder structures and messages that your IMAP based email client has access to. This is excellent for people on the go.

The Internet Message Access Protocol (commonly known as IMAP) is an Application Layer Internet protocol that allows an e-mail client to access e-mail on a remote mail server. The current version, IMAP version 4 revision 1 (IMAP4rev1), is defined by RFC 3501. Our email servers listen for IMAP connections on well-known port 143.

IMAP supports both on-line and off-line modes of operation. E-mail clients using IMAP generally leave messages on the server until the user explicitly deletes them. This allows multiple clients to manage the same mailbox (which is an advantage over POP3). Most e-mail clients support IMAP in addition to POP to retrieve messages. IMAP offers access to the mail store.