Dedicated Computing Grid $2000+ Plan

  • Standard Shanje Features plus
  • Mutliple Dedicated Servers
  • Completely Custom Solution
  • Special Access to Dev Staff
  • Designed to meet any needs
  • If you can dream it, we can build it.

Do you need to host hundreds or even thousands of websites in an ultra reliable cloud? The dedicated computing grid plan is ideal for large customers who are extremely serious about reliable web hosting. We can deploy dedicated hardware to build a custom cloud just for your account. Our dedicated computing grids have all of the easy to use Shanje features, including our web control panels. These grids are fully managed by our staff. We can build custom computing grids to help you achieve your specific hosting goals.

We do not have an automated signup for dedicated computing grids, since everybody has slightly different needs. If you are interested in a dedicated computing grid, please contact our sales staff and we can discuss what your goals are.