Control Panels at Shanje

Shanje has written several control panels over the years. The control panels at Shanje offer amazing flexibility.

Web Control Panel
This is the main control panel you will use to create websites in your Shanje account. It is easy to use and extremely powerful.

Website Control Center
This is the control panel you can let your customers use to manage their own website. This control panel can be skinned using style sheets and every feature can be customized on a per plan basis.

Customer Control Panel
This control panel lets your customers manage multiple websites.

Mailbox Email Admin
This control panel lets the owner of a mailbox control mailbox level settings, including changing the password for the email account and setting spam filtering aggressiveness.

Shanje Control Service
This is the API that you can use to build your own automation applications. For example, you can create a website through the Shanje Control Service API by calling a command through a standards compliant SOAP interface. It is a great way to create automated web hosting signup forms.