Shanje Linux Hosting

We are proud to announce our new Linux/cPanel hosting options at Shanje. You are now able to host both Windows based websites and Linux based websites from your existing Shanje account for no additional cost. You do not have to use our new Linux hosting options unless you want to. We have merely added the Linux platform as an option in case you have sites and customers who would benefit from using Linux.

What is Linux?

Linux is a Unix-like open source operating system that was originally made available in 1991. In recent years, Linux has become increasing popular among webmasters, especially those who code with PHP. Certain PHP based web applications like WordPress and Joomla have been tested and developed more using Linux than with Windows. While those PHP applications will work with both Linux and Windows, they often work better with Linux because the developers of those applications have spent more time working with those applications in a Linux environment.


The cPanel software has been installed on top of Linux to provide a web control panel to use when managing Linux based websites. There are actually two sections. One is cPanel and the other is WHM. WHM is the Web Host Manager for cPanel. When you create a cPanel reseller account using the Shanje Web Control Panel, then you can log into the WHM as that cPanel account in order to create/edit/delete additional cPanel websites on the Linux platform.

Through the Shanje Web Control Panel, you can now create as many cPanel reseller accounts as you need. We do not charge you anything for using this feature. The cPanel reseller accounts simply count toward your disk allocation.

How to Create cPanel Reseller Accounts

To create a cPanel reseller account, log into the Shanje Web Control Panel. Then hover the mouse pointer over the Websites pulldown menu. Then click on "Manage cPanel Linux Accounts." Then click "Create Account" on the left side of the screen. Each account you create will be a Linux/cPanel reseller account that can log into both cPanel and the WHM (for creating more cPanel websites within the reseller account).

How to use Linux Hosting

There are two primary ways to use this feature. One way is to create a cPanel reseller account for yourself and then use that cPanel reseller account to create additional cPanel websites for your other sites and customers through the WHM. The other way to use this feature is to create a separate cPanel reseller account for each of your customers and then your customers can log into the WHM to create additional cPanel sites within their cPanel reseller account.

Managing additional cPanel accounts in WHM

Once a cPanel reseller account has been created, you can log into the WHM to manage additional cPanel/Linux sites within the cPanel reseller account. First log into the Shanje Web Control Panel. Then hover the mouse pointer over the Websites pulldown menu. Then click on "Manage cPanel Reseller Accounts." Then click on one of the cPanel Reseller account that you have already created. Then click the linked labeled "Click here for one-click WHM Login". Once you are logged into the WHM interface, click on List Accounts in the left side menu bar. That will show you what cPanel sites exist in this cPanel reseller account. If you want to create another site, click on the "Create a New Account" link in the left side menu bar. To control the resources allocated to a site, select the desired Package.

Automatic Script Installer

We wanted to make it really easy for you and your customers to manage popular scripts with cPanel, so we installed an automated web application installer called Softaculous. Softaculous helps you quickly install 236 of the most popular scripts including WordPress and Joomla. To use Softaculous, log into cPanel (not the WHM) as one of the Linux websites that you have created. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Softaculous in the Software/Services section of the cPanel menu. Once you are in the Softaculous section, you can read about each of the scripts and choose scripts to automatically install. When installing the scripts, you can choose to install them to the main folder of the site or to a subfolder. The automatic installer will automatically create databases as needed when setting up the scripts.

On our new Linux platform, it is really easy to set up "pretty URLs" (SEO friendly URLs) in WordPress and Joomla, since our Linux platform uses Apache and mod_rewrite.

DNS Servers

For Linux sites, you will need to use the DNS servers listed for the cPanel reseller accounts instead of the DNS servers that you normally use for Windows based websites at Shanje. The DNS servers listed on the main menu of the Shanje Web Control Panel are correct for the Windows based websites in your account, but they will not work for the Linux based sites. Use the DNS servers listed in the cPanel reseller account section for Linux sites in your account.

Email Services

These services run directly on the Linux servers. If you move a site over to our Linux platform, you will need to manually recreate the email accounts for that site through the cPanel interface. The email accounts will not automatically get created or moved. Messages in existing mailboxes will not get moved. If you set up all of your mailboxes as IMAP accounts, you can move the messages manually using your favorite email client software (EX: Outlook).

Which Logins work with cPanel

Your main Shanje account login details will not work for logging into cPanel. Additionally, customer logins (c12345) logins will not work for logging into cPanel. The only valid cPanel and/or WHM logins are the new ones you create. When you create a cPanel reseller account, the cPanel username (not the domain name) can be used to log into cPanel and/or WHM. The cPanel username for sites created from the WHM interface can be used to log into cPanel as well.

Also, the Customer Control Center and Website Control Center cannot be used to access cPanel accounts. You will need to use cPanel or the WHM to manage cPanel accounts that you create.

Windows vs Linux

Some features we currently offer at Shanje are Windows specific and don't exist on our Linux. For example, ASP, ASP.NET, and MSSQL are Windows specific features that we include with all of the Windows based websites we host. Those features only work with Windows. Those features do not work with Linux. If you choose to use our Linux platform for some of your sites, those sites will not be able to use ASP, ASP.NET, or MSSQL. Those sites will be able to use PHP, Perl, and MySQL.

Shanje is committed to delivering everything you need to build your own successful web hosting business. We have been delivering Windows based reseller hosting since 1997, and now we have added Linux hosting options. You can host both Windows and Linux sites in one Shanje account, so you can sell web hosting services to the broadest range of customers possible.

Pricing Recommendations for Resellers

As always, you can choose any price point you want when selling web hosting services to your customers. We recommend selling the cPanel reseller accounts for about $15 to $150 per month, depending on the size of the cPanel reseller account and the target market. We recommend selling individual cPanel website (not reseller) accounts for $5 to $25, depending on size and target market. These are merely suggestions, though. Feel free to sell these features to your customers at the price points that make the most sense for your specific business model.

More Platforms

We are planning to add more platform options to your Shanje account as a function of time. The next platform we are planning to add is Windows 2008 with IIS7. This would be in addition to Windows 2003 with IIS6 and Linux/cPanel with Apache. We'll keep you posted as we continue to roll out more exciting platforms at Shanje.