Company History of Shanje

Shiloh Jennings started Shanje in June of 1997. The original name of the company was The company officially changed its name to Shanje in 1999. Shanje is a registered corporation in the United States.

The original idea behind the company was to provide a reliable hosting environment for webmasters and web resellers. Web resellers typically have different needs than a simple shared hosting account customer.

For example, a web reseller will need to be able to configure multiple websites and each website will need to be secure and private from other websites. A web reseller will also need to be able to brand the web hosting services under their own label. A quality web reseller account should be designed in a way that the reseller can constantly grow his or her business. Shanje is one of the few companies in the web hosting industry that has always prioritized the needs of its web hosting resellers. In fact, all of the accounts at Shanje are configured as reseller accounts, where you can host websites for your own clients.

In 1997, we started with a pair of 200MHz servers running Windows NT4 and Website Pro. There were no commercially available web hosting control panels back then, so we wrote our own. We were one of the first web hosting companies that gave customers the ability to self service through a web interface. Back then, most web hosting companies did not have a web based control panel solution. When customers needed to create a website or email account, they had to literally call those companies on the phone to get things set up manually. Shanje's web control panel system was a ground breaking alternative to that. During this time, Shanje also pioneered methods for improving reliability using load balancing and clustering.

In 2003, Shanje wrote a new control panel system called the Shanje Web Control Panel around Windows 2003 and IIS6. This was more than a mere upgrade to our web control panel technology. This was a complete overhaul of our entire hosting platform. Shanje launched a public beta test of new Shanje Web Control Panel on January 30, 2003. This new solution was called Shanje.NET and the older solution became known as Shanje Classic. Some of the keys features that Shanje.NET added were ASP.NET support and PHP support. We also implemented many serious improvements to reliability, performance, and security. Our new control panel system also re-organized all of the Shanje servers into a computing grid, which was significantly more scalable than the previous design.

In 2005, Shanje announced a new feature called PHP Versions. Prior to that time, a hosting company could only offer one version of PHP per server. When a server's PHP version was updated, some PHP based sites would break due to changes between the PHP versions. Shanje forged a new path by letting the customer select the PHP version from a dropdown menu on a per website basis. This was an industry first, and Shanje really lead the way with this one. Even today, Shanje is one of the few hosting companies to offer an option for setting the PHP version on a per website basis.

Shanje also implemented a similar feature for selecting the ASP.NET version on a per website basis. At the time, the ASP.NET version options were just 1.1 and 2.0. Since then, these options have been expanded to include ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0. The PHP and ASP.NET versions can be selected on a per website basis.

In 2008, Shanje wrote yet another control panel system called the Website Control Center. The Website Control Center is a perfect compliment to the Web Control Panel. While the Web Control Panel lets you manage all of your websites, the Website Control Center lets a customer of yours manage one website. The Website Control Center is completely style sheet based, and we even give you the option to create a different style sheet to skin the Website Control Center on a per plan basis. The Website Control Center also included features such as auto-installers for popular scripts and a website editing package called the Easy Site Writer.

In 2009, Shanje began the transition toward the exciting world of cloud computing. Shanje had been working with virtualization technology prior to that point for the purposes of testing and planning for the eventual deployment of a true high availability cloud style environment.

In 2010, Shanje announced that it had successfully moved all of its servers into a high availability cloud computing solution. Shanje runs a private high availability computing cloud using Hyper-V R2 on the latest dual Intel Xeon Core2Quad systems. All of the storage is now storage area network (SAN) based. All of the SAN systems use RAID10 for maximum performance and reliability.

Shanje has done a lot of exciting work in the web hosting industry over the years, and our core values remain the same. Shanje still provides an extremely reliable hosting environment for webmasters and web resellers. In fact, Shanje still provides web hosting services to many of the same customers who started hosting with us back in 1997. Our customers' businesses have grown throughout the years, and we have continued to grow our web hosting environment to meet their ever expanding needs.

In 2011, Shanje added Linux hosting options. Shanje is planning to add IIS7.5 and IIS8 hosting options during 2012. We will continue to add features that make sure Shanje is everything you need to start your own successful web hosting company.